Over the years we are lucky to have been supported by these funders:

Clothworkers' Foundation LogoThe Clothworkers' Foundation supported our Shopmobility service by awarding funding to purchase a bariatric mobility scooter which caters or users up to 65 stone.


Lloyds Foundation are helping to fund our work experience scheme.


Co-operative community fund helped us to get 6 new manual wheelchairs and 3 rollators for Shopmobility Tamworth.

Tamworth Municipal Charity helped us with funding so we could decorate our Independent Living Centre

Office for disability issues strengthening DPULOs programme enabled us to replacement 10 of our mobility scooters at Shopmobility Tamworth.



Sport Across Staffordshire and Stroke on Trent (SASSOT)  enabled us to purchase sporting equipment for people with disabilities.

Healthier Communities and Older Peoples’ Partnership (HCOPP) gave us the funding for the equipment in the alternative format facility.


Coalfield Regeneration Trust gave us the funding in 2012 to buy 4 mobility scooters and 1 laptop for Shopmobility Tamworth.

A second award in 2015 gave us funding to buy 4 smaller mobility scooters for Shopmobility's Holiday Hire service.


CPP Community Charity Fund gave us the funding so we were able to buy an additional laptop and a printer to help with the running of the charity.


Staffordshire County Council has supported us with the following:
The Staffordshire local community fund supported by Councillor Ben Adams, Chris Cooke, Carol Dean, Micheal Greatorex, Brain Jenkins and Sheeree Peaple, for our Community printing projects 2013
Staffordshire local community fund supported by Jeremy Oates enabling us to print our disability aids catalogues
Staffordshire local community fund supported by Lee Bates helped us with publishing a local history book.
Staffordshire County Council Peer to Peer fund supported the development of our Independent Living Centre.

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