Alternative Formats Facility

Following a grant from Healthier Communities and Older Peoples Partnership, a dedicated alternative formats facility has been established at our office.

This facility is staffed by volunteers, to provide an affordable service converting documents, leaflets, forms, agreements and many other items into one or more of the following formats:

•    Braille
•    Large Print
•    Plain Text
•    MP3 Audio
•    DAISY Digital Talking Books
•    Easy Reading

Our aim is to provide this service to help improve communication with disabled people within the community.

Price List:

Braille Documents:

Braille documents are produced on A4 blue card with double sided embossing.
Cost per 100 words    £2.00

Additional Copies (price per 100 words)    £0.25
Clear Front Cover    £1.00
Wire binding    £0.30

Large Print Documents: (A4 or A3):

We are able to print on plain paper up to A3 size. Our Large Print facilities allow us to increase the size of the text whilst giving us the choice of enlarging any images.

Cost per page with formatting    £2.00
Additional copies (per page)    £0.20
Clear Front Cover (A4 only)    £1.00
Leathergrain Card Back Cover (A4 only)    £1.25
Wire Binding (A4 only)    £0.30

Audio Files: (MP3, WAV, DAISY digital talking books)

Audio file conversion is done by software using a synthesized voice. We try to ensure word sounds are as accurate as possible.

Cost £0.005 per word e.g. £1.00 per 200 words.

Plus a set up fee for non Word documents (.doc or .docx) £25.00

CD in paper wallet    £1.00

Audio files will normally be emailed, unless very large or if CD requested.

Easy Reading:

Easy reading reduces a document down to a minimum number of words, adding images to clarify meanings. This work is carried out by one of our volunteers. It is not an automated process, so it does take a considerable amount of time.
As each request is different, please contact us with details of your requirements for a quote.

Long Documents and Books:

If you have a long document or a book you would like converting to one of the alternative formats we offer, please contact us to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

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