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This commode may be used if you have difficulty accessing toileting facilities in your home. Just remove and replace the seat cushion before and after use. The bucket can be lifted out so that it can be easily emptied and cleaned.



This folding toilet frame offers a little extra support getting on and off the toilet., It can also be easily removed and folded up when not in use.


This toilet frame with a fixed seat is ideal if you have difficulty transferring to and from the toilet. The fitted seat supports you in a raised position, which makes it easier to rise from.


This toilet frame is width adjustable. The arm rests can be used to support you while using the toilet, and to assist in rising or lowering onto the toilet



This shower stool is height adjustable. The feet are wide and stable, so that the stool remains in place within the shower






This is an easy rise bed rail, which is designed for those who have difficulty getting in and out of bed. The rail is kept safely in place while you are transferring, and then easily moved aside when it is not in use.


The Aidapt Folding Commode is an ideal solution where space is limited. Suitable for use around the home; it is ideal for house guests and overnight visitors. Why struggle to get to the bathroom when this lightweight, portable commode can increase your comfort especially when mobility is impaired. 



A Height Adjustable Chair Raiser for chairs with legs. Height adjustment is supplied by inserting blocks raising the chair by 50 mm (2"), 75 mm (3") or 100 mm (4").


This multi-purpose stool can be used around the home and garden. Featuring a comfortable molded plastic seat top, this contemporary design is both hard-wearing and useful. Constructed from a robust aluminium frame, it is lightweight, waterproof, and rust-resistant. The stool has height adjustable legs fitted with non-slip ferrules to ensure safety and comfort. It is small, compacted and can be stacked – making it easy to store and transport. 


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