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Mercian Ability Partnership (MAP) is a User led Organisation run by disabled volunteers for disabled people of all ages and their carers in South Staffordshire and North Warwickshire.

It is our aim to work in partnership with other organisations in the community to develop, improve and maintain services that will help disabled people to increase their independence.

To find out more about these projects and the services Mercian Ability Partnership offers, please browse the links above.

MAP OfficeHow MAP Started

Established April 2009 with the support of a Department of Health Grant, we worked in partnership with Disability Solutions in Stoke-on-Trent to develop an Independent Living Centre, based in Tamworth, serving the communities in South Staffordshire and North Warwickshire.

In October 2009, Mercian Ability Partnership became a limited company and on 18th June 2010 we became a registered charity.

In July 2010 we partnered with Care First to enable us to expand the services we could offer. Care First provide training for people with disabilities and they are introducing a range of training programmes at the Silica Road site where our main offices are located. Care First have provided space for our office and the Independent Living Centre within their premises on Silica Road.

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